B. Levinbook & Co. is one of Israel’s leading, widely renowned, and most highly respected boutique law firms, which skillfully handles all aspects of civil and commercial litigation.

Founded in February 1984 by the late attorney Benjamin Levinbook, B. Levinbook & Co. has earned a stellar reputation for providing superb, dynamic, and creative legal services, employing a thorough and highly professional approach in all areas of practice.

Our unique attributes and methods are the force behind our distinguished client list, which encompasses prominent corporations in Israel and abroad. B. Levinbook’s most notable clients include the majority of Israel’s banks, represented by the firm  on an ongoing basis, as well as international financial institutions, public companies, and private clients.

We primarily focus on all kinds of complex litigation, covering all jurisdictions, with comprehensive knowledge and experience in every field of procedural and substantive law. Additionally, we manage a wide variety of cases in banking, insolvency, loan and financing transactions, insurance law, corporate law, contracts (including uniform contracts), securities law, torts, property, liens, trust law, promissory notes, payment cards, unjust enrichment, defamation & privacy, and more.

At B. Levinbook & Co., we combine our expertise in areas such as litigation, banking, regulation, corporations & finance, insolvency, class actions, and privacy, to offer clients comprehensive, seamless legal solutions in both litigation and dispute resolution, including in the commercial sector – all under one roof.

As a rule, our firm is brought factually or legally complex substantive cases, often marked by critically important precedential and fundamental issues with far-reaching implications for the client. Most of the cases handled by the firm involve substantial sums, and also constitute some of the most legally and financially significant cases for the Israeli market.

When it comes to working methods, the firm is known for a clear, consistent approach typified by a comprehensive, thorough, airtight methodology that never compromises on quality and leaves no stone unturned regarding the factual and legal aspects of any case. Despite the complex, far-reaching nature of the cases we receive, the firm consistently attains a genuinely exceptional rate of success.

B. Levinbook & Co. is consistently rated as a leading stand-out firm in the banking & finance, litigation, receivership & liquidation, and class action fields. The firm has also been included in the Dun’s 100 and BDICode rankings for these areas of practice, among others.


Our firm was founded on an unassailable base of litigation practice and expertise. As one of Israel’s premier litigation firms, our unique quality lies in the fact that each and every one of our lawyers is involved in litigation, rather than a single department. This has made B. Levinbook & Co. essentially one big litigation department that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the country’s top litigation firms. Since the firm was established, most of our daily work has focused on intensive litigation, and our lawyers appear regularly in Israel’s courts – in the courtroom, as well as during arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Since its establishment, B. Levinbook & Co. has been a leading litigator for Israel’s banks, becoming profoundly involved in all the aspects of civil and commercial law that they face regularly, and handling a wide variety of clients and litigation cases. This extensive experience has led us to accumulate unusually diverse and extensive litigation expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law.

Banking Law

Our years of experience representing most of Israel’s banks and their subsidiaries, as well as overseas banks, has propelled B. Levinbook & Co. to the position of leading specialist in this field. Our command of banking law is evidenced by the legal and factual complexity and scope of the cases, transactions and issues that we handle on a regular basis, as well as in the ongoing professional advice, we supply to our banking clients regarding all aspects of their activities.

Our in-depth involvement in the banking field has led us to develop vast knowledge and expertise in many areas of civil and commercial law, including contracts, torts, corporate law, property law, unjust enrichment, copyright infringement, privacy and information security, and so on. Our expertise also includes unique legal facets related to the banking system, including: banking regulation, bank-customer relations, collateral law, mortgages, provident funds, stock market, bank contracts, promissory notes and negotiation documents, foreign trade and documentary credit transactions, bank guarantees, payment cards, bank insurance, bank embezzlement, insolvency proceedings, and various loan and financing transactions including syndication loans, agreements between lenders, debt settlement and collateral transactions between banks and local and overseas financial institutions, and more.

Corporate & Finance

After a long and successful history of cooperation spanning many years, B. Levinbook & Co. merged its activity with E. Schaffer & Co. to provide expanded expert corporate and finance law services. Headed by Adv. Ehud (Udi) Schaffer, E. Schaffer & Co. has more than 20 years of experience in banking finance in Israel and New York. Together, we use our combined expertise to provide clients with legal advice on a variety of finance-related legal matters and complex financing transactions. We support lead agents in syndicated loans, represent local and foreign banks and financial institutions in inter-creditor agreements and in various types of debt settlement and collateral transactions, and provide a range of services in the fields of commercial, corporate, and securities law, investment transactions and mergers and acquisitions. We also provide ongoing legal support to public and private corporations, and advise local and international corporations operating in a variety of fields such as banking, capital markets, hi-tech, software (including Software as a Service), venture capital, electronics, infrastructure, fashion, food and so on.

Class Actions

B. Levinbook & Co. has also been involved in class action suits, and today these are one of our foremost specializations. The firm regularly represents defendants in approval applications for some of the most significant class action suits in Israel. Our extensive experience in civil-commercial litigation, especially our expertise in banking law in general and the capital market in particular, makes us uniquely suited to navigate the multi-layered processes involved in this arena.


B. Levinbook & Co. is adept at handling all aspects of insolvency proceedings, including liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy, collateral law, creditor arrangements, stay of proceedings, and more. Another of the firm’s particular specialties is representing officials appointed during insolvency proceedings and claims against directors and their insurers regarding their responsibility for company collapse and insolvency.

Insurance Law

We specialize in all areas of insurance law, including bank insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, and more. The firm handles a wide variety of insurance issues, including claims against insurance companies, representation of insurance companies and reinsurers, and claims related to bank, liability and property insurance. We also provide expert counseling and guidance when devising insurance policies and during the purchase/sale of insurance.

The firm has represented banks in a significant number of large-scale banking insurance claims in Israel and has played an integral role in many of the major D&O claims that have emerged in recent years, both within Israel and in connection with proceedings taking place overseas.

Payment Cards

For several years, B. Levinbook & Co. has been involved in drafting a wide variety of complex payment card arrangements, both within the framework of the diverse business relationships in this field, and between the parties. We provide ongoing advice and consulting to banks on a range of related issues, and also represent them in various court proceedings, including motions for approval of class action suits.

Media, Defamation & Privacy

Due to our many years of specialist experience in defamation and privacy law, B. Levinbook & Co. has an exemplary record of successfully resolving disputes in these areas, often making legal proceedings unnecessary through negotiations, or by correcting and/or preventing the publication in advance. We have a lengthy record of assisting local authorities, public and private companies, public figures and private individuals in the struggle to preserve their reputation in print, digital, and online media, including the internet. The firm also specializes in various legal issues concerning ​​database and information security, including the preparation of settlements in this area.


The firm was founded by Benjamin Levinbook (1935-2005), one of Israel’s most outstanding, esteemed and influential litigators. Over the years, Adv. Levinbook was responsible for many of the significant precedential rulings that revolutionized Israel’s banking, defamation and privacy laws. He also served on Israel’s Judicial Selection Committee between 2003 and 2005.

Today the firm has 7 partners: Ori Gaon (senior partner), Pnina Mor-Gluzman (senior partner), Liat Eini-Netzer (senior partner), Yair Leibowitz (senior partner), Yaniv Azran (partner), Asaf Klein (partner) and Gili Steinreich (partner).

B. Levinbook & Co. is regularly entrusted with handling large, significant cases due to the expertise and knowledge of the firm and its partners, as well as the outstanding experience and high quality work of the entire staff. Throughout their years at the firm, each of our partners has managed hundreds of wide-ranging, complex cases, covering a variety of topics in all areas of substantive law, both in the courtroom, in all jurisdictions, and through arbitration and mediation.

Pro Bono & Community Involvement

Beyond our professional expertise and specialist knowledge, B. Levinbook & Co. is deeply committed to giving back to the local community in a meaningful way. We promote worthy causes with substantial donations to organizations and charities. The firm also encourages and facilitates ways for its attorneys to render pro bono legal services to the needy, disenfranchised, and disadvantaged.