Ori Gaon is a senior partner at B. Levinbook & Co. 


He originally interned at the firm in 1984, at the time of its establishment by the late Benjamin Levinbook. Today, Mr. Gaon holds many years of professional experience in all aspects of complex civil and commercial litigation, in all courts, and in all areas of substantive law. He represents a wide range of clients, including leading, highly successful corporations in Israel and abroad, the majority of banks in Israel, overseas banks, various financial bodies, public companies, and private clients.


Mr. Gaon has comprehensive specialist expertise handling all aspects of insolvency cases and their various procedures, including liquidation proceedings, receivership, bankruptcy, creditor arrangements, stays of proceedings, and so on. Thanks to this specialist expertise, he has regularly advised clients on the subject of insolvency for many years, including the majority of banks in Israel, as well as overseas banks and numerous other financial bodies. Through representing banks, he has been involved in all the most complex, highly-publicized insolvency proceedings in Israel, including the case of one of the largest corporations in the Israeli market. He also serves as an official within the framework of various insolvency proceedings and/or as a representative of such officials.


In addition, Mr. Gaon is an arbitrator for a broad range of complex business disputes, either brought to him by clients or referred to him by the courts.


He has served as vice president and as presiding judge of the Israel Bar Association’s Tel Aviv district disciplinary court, and has sat on the Central Committee of the Israeli Bar Association’s National Council (1999-2003).


Mr. Gaon lectures at a variety of forums and Israel Bar Association seminars on topics including banking law (documentary credit and bank guarantees) and insolvency.



LLB, Tel Aviv University, 1983


Bar Admission:

Israel Bar Association, 1985