Pnina Mor Gluzman

Pnina Mor-Gluzman is a senior partner at B. Levinbook & Co.


Prior to joining the firm, Adv. Mor-Gluzman interned at the district attorney’s office (central district) and at Harari, Toister & Co.


Adv. Mor-Gluzman has many years of professional experience in all aspects of complex civil and commercial litigation, in all courts, and in all areas of substantive law. Her clients include leading corporations in Israel and abroad, including the majority of banks in Israel, overseas banks, various financial bodies, public companies, and private clients.


Adv. Mor-Gluzman has extensive experience managing complex large-scale litigation involving a wide range of issues, including class actions, banking, payment cards, corporate litigation, shareholder disputes, contracts, real estate claims, insolvency, the capital market, mass media and defamation, privacy protection, and more. She has successfully handled many of Israel’s largest and most complex cases, supporting the client from the initial stages of each dispute, before the legal proceedings begin, with a view to either preventing a lawsuit or preparing for litigation. She maintains an excellent reputation for providing outstanding, comprehensive service from the beginning to the end of each dispute.


Adv. Mor-Gluzman possesses additional specialist expertise and vast experience in the following areas, in which she provides the firm’s clients with legal guidance, ongoing advice, and opinions on varied and complex issues: banking regulation, payment cards and payment services, dispute resolution in the area of mass media and defamation, both prior to and following publication, while avoiding legal proceedings, privacy protection, and civil disputes between family members.


In the payment card field, Adv. Mor-Gluzman has significant experience relating to matters such as preparing arrangements, agreements, and documents, as well as providing ongoing legal  consultation and opinions on diverse issues in this field and with regard to payment services and advanced payment methods.


Adv. Mor-Gluzman serves as a licensed mediator for a wide scope of complex disputes relating to various aspects of civil and commercial law.



LLB, Tel Aviv University, 1984


Bar Admission:

Israel Bar Association, 1985