Practice Areas


Insurance Law

B. Levinbook & Co. is staffed by experts in all fields of insurance law, having represented many kinds of insurance policy holders and claimants against insurance companies, as well as banks, insurance companies and reinsurers. Our extensive experience in insurance law includes handling claims against insurance companies, claims of insurance companies and reinsurers, and claims for bank insurance, liability insurance and property insurance. The firm also advises and assists with drafting policies and with the purchase and sale of insurance.


Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

B. Levinbook & Co. has been involved in many of Israel’s largest and most complex D&O insurance claims of recent years, working on both the plaintiffs’ and the defendants’ sides. We have also dealt with D&O claims where the proceedings took place overseas.

The firm has represented, among others, liquidators and trustees of companies in large claims against directors and officers and their D&O policy insurers.

B. Levinbook & Co. has played an integral role in some of the most important laws passed in Israel, and some of the most financially significant precedents on this matter. We have also successfully represented defendants in some of the country’s most significant D&O claims ending in settlement, both before and after claims were filed in court, as well as derivative claims and other types of proceedings involving D&O insurance.


Property Insurance & Bank Insurance

B. Levinbook & Co. is renowned for our extensive experience and expertise in property and bank insurance claims. Our firm has represented banks in many of the largest-scale banking insurance claims in Israel, as well as in claims with particularly high stakes, both in and outside the courts. We have handled, among others, cases of embezzlement by employees and managers; forgery of documents, collateral, guarantees and checks; theft; misrepresentation; fire; and many other types of insurance claims.


Liability Insurance

B. Levinbook & Co. has accumulated vast experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in liability insurance suits. Over the years, the firm has been involved in many claims between insurers, as well as many professional liability claims spanning a wide range of topics and professions.


Consulting on Insurance Drafting, Renewal & Acquisition

Our firm provides policyholders with legal advice and assistance in matters of insurance renewal and acquisition. We also represent entities and institutions in insurance contract negotiation processes, including “tailor made” contracts.


B. Levinbook’s track record shows that we have successfully achieved positive results and settlements from insurance companies for clients, often without needing to engage in legal proceedings (and therefore, we cannot mention specific details here). Among the few publicized successes that we have had are:


Representing a leading Israeli bank and its overseas subsidiary in a claim against their insurers according to a bank insurance policy, which resulted in a $60 million settlement for our client.


Representing an executive at Feuchtwanger Investments (1984) Ltd. in a District Court claim against the company’s directors and officers, and the D&O insurance providers, for liability for damages to the company and its creditors, in which the insurance company paid over NIS 30 million.


Representing a leading bank in a District Court claim against the company which provided it with bank insurance, which ended with the insurance company paying $12 million.


Representing the official receiver in his capacity as the liquidator of Electrochemical Industries, in a District Court claim against the company’s controlling shareholders, directors and officers and their D&O insurance provider, over their responsibility for the company’s collapse and debts. A sum of NIS 27 million was awarded.


Representing a liquidator of the Matok Group in a District Court claim against former directors of the Group and their liability insurance company, which the court ordered to pay NIS 10 million. The Group’s Supreme Court appeals were rejected.