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Payment Cards

The attorneys of B. Levinbook & Co. are experts in payment card law, navigating many different issues relating to various aspects within the field. The firm handles and manages comprehensive issuance arrangements for bank payment cards, including agreements between joint issuers, as well as preparation of various agreements between issuers and payment card holders, such as terms and conditions agreements for payment cards and various club cards, and formulating full disclosure documents for this field, and others. Our firm also provides ongoing legal advice and consulting to many clients on fundamental, complex payment card issues such as regulations, privacy and databases, fees, and so forth.


Drawing on our combined expertise in the fields of payment cards and litigation, we also represent various banks and entities in legal proceedings concerning payment cards, including the following examples:


  • Representing a leading bank in an approval application for a class action on the grounds of unlawfully charging limitation of liability fees on payment cards. The application was rejected, and an appeal against the ruling was rejected by the Supreme Court, while determining fundamental decisions regarding the bank’s disclosure obligations, as well as the class action approval application process itself.
  • Representing a leading bank and a credit card company in an approval application for a class action lawsuit on the grounds of unlawful collection of fees related to a payment card. The application was rejected on the basis of the rule regarding the limitation of liability fee that was established in the case mentioned above.
  • Representing a credit card company in a suit filed against it, claiming unlawful cancellation of a clearing agreement between it and another company, on the grounds that it canceled the agreement due to ethical and moral considerations that it is not authorized to act upon. The lawsuit was rejected, and the subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court was also rejected, ruling that the agreement was canceled for legitimate economic reasons.
  • Representing a leading bank in a class action approval application, on the grounds of non-disclosure and deception regarding the collection of a membership fee for a payment card. The application was rejected.